Flir E8 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Fair E8 is a state of the art thermal imagine camera, it delivers a crisp picture resolution  (320x240 76,800 ir pixels) Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). Flir is a world leader in thermal imaging. The E8 has a high thermal sensitivity making temperature differences noticeable. This helps us find non visible leaks in walls or areas of missing installation in walls or attics. We use this on all inspections and Energy audits.

Extech Circuit Load Tester CT70

The Extech CT70 is used not only to check that outlets are wired correctly but are also not dropping volts due to overloaded circuits or older wiring. This little devices proves extremely handy during an inspection or energy audit.

Extech Pin/Pin-less moisture meter with humidity and temperature readings

The Extech pin/pin-less moisture meter with humidity and temperature readings is used as a means of confirming moisture within an area. It works closely with the Fair E8 to confirm findings. Extremely useful and always at hand.